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How To Announce New Job On Social Media

So many people announce their new job on social media, so how should I go about announcing mine? Keep reading on to learn how to announce your new job on social media in the best way possible.

It’s evident that a new job can be one of the most exciting and important parts of the journey of life and character development. Even so, sometimes it’s a difficult topic to talk about and bring up with family and friends.

How to Announce Your New Job on Social Media

Additionally, our whole lives are on social media such as social media, and at times it feels as if everyone is constantly watching.

It can feel intimidating to share such personal news, and this guide will help you in doing it in the best way possible. When preparing how to announce your new job on social media, it’s crucial to consider the following.

Considerations On How to Announce Your New Job on Social Media

When To Post

When things are rushed, they don’t always have the best turnout. The same goes for announcing your exciting and personal news on social media.

Announcing the news before it’s set in place and the official will lead to a messy situation if it doesn’t follow through as planned.

Words spread fast. And it wouldn’t lead to the best scenario if your current boss heard you were leaving before you got the chance to notify them yourself.

This is why it’s crucial that you take time to inform your current boss of your departure before saying anything on any social media platform.

You always want to leave on good terms with each boss as they could possibly be great references for future job opportunities.

The perfect time to announce your new job on social media is about one week into your new job so that it doesn’t overshadow the job you are currently at.

Stay True To Yourself

The intention of your post has to be focused on you and the way that you want to project yourself into the world of social media. On social media, it’s fairly easy to portray a completely different reality than the truth. It’s easy to show a different story and a different personality in total.

Before planning out your post, it’s important to come to terms with yourself in how you want your exciting news to represent your feelings towards it. Keep in mind, the majority of people are on social media, including possible future employers.

Consider your social media as the window into your life. Whoever looks through that “window” will see the side of you that you decide to show on social media. Keeping an appropriate, honest and positive profile will do best for you, especially in situations such as this. After all, many opportunities can present themselves just from the way you portray yourself on social media!

Modesty Wins

As mentioned before, what you post on social media creates a certain story and perception of who you are. Yes, it is very exciting to get a new job, especially if it’s a job that you have been working hard for! It’s crucial to be proud of yourself because at the end of the day, you have to be your own #1 supporter.

On the other hand, it’s never ideal to come off as a show-off, or a know-it-all.

Therefore, make sure to stay humble and modest even though it’s such a huge achievement. At times, companies will take a glance at potential new employees.

They, of course, are careful and particular about the people they are going to hire. What you show on your social media platform is so important. If you portray someone who wouldn’t be a good addition to their time, it could cause you to lose your chance on an amazing opportunity.

Who You Are VS. What You Do

Work takes up a big part our life, it’s vital to us all. Nevertheless, our lives consist of so much more than just work.

Work culture makes us believe that we have to adopt the insane lifestyle of being glued to our jobs every single day.

This “live to work” mentality is a bit overbearing and can cause a lot of anxiety to some people. It causes us to believe that our whole image is based on how successful we are at our jobs. It makes us believe that the more hours we put into our jobs, the more successful we are as human beings.

This, of course, isn’t true yet it make take time for some people to overcome this treacherous mentality. Therefore, it’s important for us to separate what we do from who we are. Work shouldn’t take up our whole personality, and it shouldn’t take up our whole life either. We are more than an “accountant” and what-not. Our lives consist of so many more accomplishments. We are moms, dads, broth, sisters, best friends and so on. Even though a new job is such a huge accomplishment, it’s important to not let it determine who you are. In terms of social media, it’s best to not make your job the focal point of your profile.

Don’t Get Stuck With Your Head in the Clouds

With it being such big news, it won’t be easy containing your excitement. Apart from you being proud and excited for yourself, all of your friends and family will also show their excitement towards your new job. You’ll definitely feel on top of the world for a while but make sure to keep yourself level-headed with your feet on the ground.

The moment of excitement will come to an end, and the positive feedback from your family and friends will fade as well.

For this reason, keep in mind that people will move on quickly from this news. You don’t want to be left in the mix of it all, stuck with your head in the clouds once the excitement dies down and you are back to living regular days. When announcing your new job on social media, it’s important to make sure your posts are shaping your reality in a way that is pleasant for you. In addition, being stuck with your head in the clouds could cause you to come off as arrogant and boastful. Be realistic with yourself and don’t let yourself get carried away with the exhilaration and recognition.

Be Thankful

When announcing your new job on social media, thanking your current employer is key! In every job, we learn so much from our boss, our coworkers as well as all the experiences that come from the job. What you learn at your current job prepares you for the jobs that are to come. When writing out your post, be sure to give thanks to everyone who made a difference in your work career, everyone who taught you a lesson, and everyone who helped you grow as a person.

It would be significant and special to include the actual names of your fellow coworkers and bosses to show the importance they had in your journey.

This will help keep a great relationship with these people and allow you to leave on a good note with the door open if needed. You wouldn’t be where you are, accepting a new job if it weren’t for the past jobs and the former bosses and coworkers that guided you.

Reflect on Past Accomplishments

To add on to the previous point, while basking in the excitement, reflect on past accomplishments and the ambitious journey that has led you up until this point. Make sure to add some accomplishments when announcing your new job on social media.

Doing this, as well as the name of the company and names of those who have helped you will prevent your new job from overshadowing your current job.

The Future is Bright

The last component to make sure the announcement of your new job is as smooth as possible is to thank your future employer. After all, they are giving you a shot at a new opportunity, a new place for you to grow and create new memories. Your new employer is welcoming you into their family and giving you an opportunity to continue your career.

How you go about announcing your new job on social media must consider the past positive experiences that will shape your future.

Giving credit to your new employer sets you off on the right note for your new journey with them and it shows that you are excited and ready to join their team. Just as former Game Operations Manager for the American Hockey League’s (AHL) Colorado Eagles Erin Preuter did when she moved on.

How to announce your new job on social media

Additionally, connecting with new colleagues could be a good idea. You would be able to familiarize yourself with them, and them with you, before even starting the job.

Final Thoughts On How To Announce Your New Job On Social Media

Your new coworkers could possibly give you insight on the company. They can fill you in with tips before you start working there and give you somewhat of a head start.

Life brings lots of change and opportunities for us all. One of the best parts about that is being able to share it all with family and friends. When good news comes along, they are the first people we go to.

Thankfully, social media keeps us close and connected to all of our loved ones, especially those that don’t live nearby. When announcing your new job on social media, there are certain ways to go about it.

The way you announce your big news could be detrimental to the way you portray yourself. As well as the way you may come off to others.

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