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Game Operations Intern

Duluth Huskies

Game Operations Intern | Duluth Huskies

Game Operations Intern

Duluth Huskies

Apply by 12/5/2022

Posted 24 days ago

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Duluth, MN, USA

Job Type

 Job Description

  • Checks with Volunteers throughout the game to answer any questions or concerns
  • Responsible for directing volunteers and National Anthem singers through the Corporate and Group Sales Intern. Responsible for filling them in on the process when the Corporate and Group Sales Intern is busy with other pregame events.
  • Helps with on field promotions when needed
  • Responsible for concessions stand employees; direct link between GM and seasonal staff.
  • Responsible for inventory before, during and after every game.
  • Responsible for communicating and ordering concessions from our suppliers such as Sysco, Beverage Wholesalers, etc... through our Food and Beverage Manager
  • Responsible for picking up inventory that is not directly delivered to us
  • Responsible for stocking and organizing inventory that has freshly arrived, as well as rotating older inventory to front to make sure it is used before the new inventory
  • Has knowledge of all activities going on at ballpark that day
  • Holds meeting before game with seasonal staff. Make sure they are all up to date on specials and other tasks that are expected of them
  • Holds meeting before game with concession volunteer groups – and goes over concession stand rules/regulations. Makes sure they are aware of specials and know what tasks that are expected of them
  • Assigns workers to specific job areas based on their strengths
  • Double checks that all workers have filled out time cards
  • Plays a main role in developing seasonal employee schedule
  • Has constant communication with GM to know which volunteer groups are coming in to work in concessions Call one day in advance and game day to double check with volunteer group. (remind of time they need to arrive, how long they work, required attire, and how many are expected)
  • Assists in bringing food/drink to the Kennel Klub and helping keep them stocked throughout the game.
  • Maintains constant communication with GM
  • In charge of all money bags at the end of the night. Counts with the Ticketing Intern post-game.
  • Brings money to appropriate place after game.
  • Works with Food and Beverage Manager to set up supplies for following game day
  • And other duties as assigned

Qualifications RequiredQualifications Required

  • Help clean concessions and beer area
  • Help with post-game cleanup
  • Ensure all trash is taken out and brought to dumpster
  • Shut off all lights
  • Lock up locker rooms
  • Make sure all props are stored and nothing is left out
  • Lock up concession areas
  • Lock up portable bathrooms and bathrooms
  • Lock up all gates and ticket office
  • Sets up merchandise area prior to the game so it is ready for sales

How To Apply

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