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2023 Summer Computer Director Internship

Waterloo Bucks Baseball

2023 Summer Computer Director Internship | Waterloo Bucks Baseball

2023 Summer Computer Director Internship

Waterloo Bucks Baseball

Apply by 12/24/2022

Posted 12 days ago

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Waterloo, IA, USA

Job Type

 Job Description

As an intern with the Waterloo Bucks, you will actively be a part of the video production operations of the Bucks, Riverfront Stadium, and the Northwoods League. Should expect to work ALL Bucks home games, and during a few extra events at Riverfront Stadium. Video production positions will also assist in guerilla marketing efforts throughout the Cedar Valley during the season. The Video Production Internships are Game Day internships and are broken up into four positions.
o   Available for Online Training:  April 15, 2023
o   Start Date: May 15, 2023
o   End Date: August 18, 2023
  • Work directly under General Manager and Video Production Manager
  • Complete training provided by Northwoods League prior to the season to learn the Northwoods League TV webcast production system
  • Focus on graphics, statistics, commercial break playlists, audio levels, replays, and highlights for each broadcast
  • Creating cue sheets for each broadcast
  • Set-up and teardown of video equipment for each Bucks home game
  • Connect each broadcast to the Northwoods League video network
  • Integrate video cast into in-house LED video board production and preparation of video board game entertainment
  • Work on special video projects for Bucks and sponsors
  • Assist with production of pre-game show and broadcast of each Bucks home game webcasts for Northwoods League TV
  • Produce highlight videos for the Bucks to use for marketing, in-game entertainment, and on social media pages

Qualifications RequiredQualifications Required

  • Prepare select Video Board elements for in-game promotions
  • Be cross trained as a Camera Director and Camera Operator to serve as backup for both positions
  • Assist in guerilla marketing efforts throughout the area
  • Provide outstanding customer service to advertisers and fans

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