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Athletic Training Intern

Fan Controlled Football

Athletic Training Intern | Fan Controlled Football

Athletic Training Intern

Fan Controlled Football

Apply by 2/10/2023

Posted 20 days ago

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Atlanta, GA, USA

Job Type

 Job Description

Athletic Training Intern agrees to assist with athletic training services as set forth by the FCSE Head Athletic Trainer.  Athletic Training Intern represents that their services shall be provided in a first-class high quality and professional manner and that they have the character and effects necessary to provide these services to the FCSE.

  • Assist in the implementation of Workers Compensation Liability Insurance for FCSE players and staff as well as the administration of procedures, protocols governing such implementation.
  • Athletic Training Intern shall follow evidence based practices and adopt the Sports Medicine Position and Consensus Statements of the NATA into the day to day care of a 150-member pro football squad and a 50-member pro basketball squad, including managing a Sports Medicine Schedule and Calendar of Events, as well as a referring to and communicating with Medical Support Systems, while working under the direct supervision of a Team Physician and acting jointly with the FCSE Head Athletic Trainer  and in conjunction with all FCSE departments.
  • Assist in recruiting, screening and recommendation of potential Athletic Training Interns.
  • Assist with the Organizing and Management of Athletic Trainer’s Orientation Meetings.
  • Assist in the organization and execution of player entrance physicals.
  • Assist with the establishment and administration of an Encrypted Electronic Medical Record Keeping Systems, including medical records storage and HIPAA Policies and Compliance.
  • Assist in administering and creating protocols for injury or illness response, evaluation, management, supervision, and rehabilitation with a focus on safe return to play.
  • Assist in the maintenance and administration of the Athletic Training Room/Clinic including opening and closing, and advising the FCSE on inventory status, requisitioning of supplies, and request from FCSE the equipment and supplies required to render the services in sufficient time to permit the FCSE to obtain such equipment and supplies when required by Athletic Training Intern.
  • The application of first aid and other medical assistance that is reasonable and possible under the circumstances pending the arrival of Emergency Medical Services in the case of major injuries, as well as the practice and management of Emergency Action Plans associated with FCSE practice and game venues.
  • Preventative taping and strapping of athletes, as needed and evaluation and treatment of minor injuries.
  • Collaborate when necessary, providing recommendations and for exercise or other physical measures for minor injuries under the directions, supervision and review of the FCSE Head Athletic Training Intern and FCSE Team Physician.
  • Provide FCSE with accurate records of treatment rendered for all athletic injuries for which Athletic Training Intern renders treatment assistance and of all rehabilitation assistance provided by Athletic Training Intern.
  • Assist in the administration of Workers Compensation case management and closure during the season.
  • Assist in the administration of exit physicals, postseason staff interviews, surveys, inventories, and post season wrap-up reports.
  • Assist in the administration of baseline concussion testing protocols and any post-concussion testing.
  • Have a current, valid driver's license and assist with the transportation of players and staff to practices, games, physicians’ office, pharmacies, airports, etc. as needed (van to be provided for work use only).
  • All FCSE Athletic Training Intern shall also perform such other duties and responsibilities that are consistent with his/her position as may be assigned from time-to-time by the League.

Qualifications RequiredQualifications Required

  • Available to work flexible hours including early mornings, late evenings and weekends
  • Availability from mid-April through the end of August 2023
  • Must be located in Atlanta and have reliable transportation if living outside of provided accommodations.
  • If using provided accommodations, you will be expected to stay in the League hotel for the duration of the contract, where room and board are provided.
  • Lifting heavy objects may be required
  • Valid US Driver License

How To Apply

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