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Sacramento River Cats Baseball

Dishwasher | Sacramento River Cats Baseball


Sacramento River Cats Baseball

Apply by 2/22/2023

Posted 7 days ago

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West Sacramento, CA, USA

Job Type

 Job Description

  • Clean pots, pans, and kitchen items including storage racks, floors, walls, dish area and any other items requested.
  • Ensure that all ppm levels for sanitizer on dish machine and pot sinks are at specific requirements for health standards.
  • Keep utensil racks, dish storage area, mop room, banquet area, dish closets, garbage cans, glassware storage area, bakeware storage and any other storage areas for kitchenware storage clean and orderly.
  • Set up, break down, clean and polish dish machine, including arms, screens and baskets.
  • Remove trash from all kitchen areas and place in appropriate dumpster.
  • Clean and sanitize garbage cans and keep clean liners in cans at all times.
  • Clean and keep dish room area neat.
  • Place all utensils, items, pots, pans and all other kitchen supplies in proper storage.
  • Keep all lowerators clean, polished and neatly stored.
  • Comply with all health and safety regulations.
  • Perform other related duties, tasks and responsibilities as required from time to time.
  • Keep all hampers with liners and remove when full
  • Mopping/washing the kitchen to close every night

Qualifications RequiredQualifications Required

  • Ability to participate in a team environment.
  • Ability to understand written and oral direction.
  • Ability to communicate in a professional manner.
  • Hours may be extended or irregular to include nights, weekends and holidays.

How To Apply

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