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Technical Services Engineer

Sharks Sports & Entertainment, LLC

Technical Services Engineer | Sharks Sports & Entertainment, LLC

Technical Services Engineer

Sharks Sports & Entertainment, LLC

Apply by 4/16/2023

Posted 7 days ago

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San Jose, CA, USA

Job Type

 Job Description

Acting under the general guidance of the Director, Technical Services, the Engineer in Charge sets and enforces control room protocol. Defining, implementing, and maintaining standard operating procedures for control room staff ensuring event to event consistency for technical operations at SAP Center and Tech CU Arena. The Engineer in Charge will develop standard operating procedures for office and front‐line staff where applicable while educating all staff with consistency on common procedures related to Tech Services operations with a focus on common‐area A/V equipment. Research and implement new and emerging technologies while continuing to creatively exploit current installs maximizing the lifespan and value of high investment production elements.
  • Training – 10%
    • Re‐imagine training program and career path for tech services staff
    • Complete basic training, new Engineer in charge will then start the “tour” of shifts covering all control room positions working through TCU and “graduating” to SAP. (Signage, Robo/Coaches Cam, Shading, Playback, Computer Graphics, Technical Director, Director, Utility)
  • Management – 30%
    • Manage full‐time engineering employees scheduling, and employee’s growth to independently supervise TCU games and control room activated events, also, backup Sharks games independently if needed
    • Maintain control room staffing budgets
    • Prepare maintenance and repair budgets, vendor invoice submission and tracking (new purchases, repairs & maintenance)
  • Game Day Operations – 10%
    • Monitor and maintain crucial systems from EIC location in control room.
    • Support control room staff on all technical matters
    • Administer and support all in‐house com systems (Riedel, Clearcom)
    • Support local broadcast, supervise patching of house feeds to truck and program feeds from the truck
    • Confirm all radio & TV feeds prior to event time
    • Assist operations manager to coordinate employee scheduling
    • Implement, monitor and report re-imagined scheduling and PT pay restructure. Cut inefficient down‐time while increasing the employees’ hourly rate
    • Collaborate with content delivery and reporting specialist developing the most efficient workflow to parse out intelligible& relevant data
    • Partner with content delivery and reporting specialist to efficiently organize content for operators
    • Schedule and coordinate in‐bowl content testing for other departments with operations manager.
    • Deploy Daktronics game clock hardware and additional infrastructure to penalty box
    • Oversee SMT video and data integration
  • Infrastructure Design and Management – 30%
    • Catalog all field and truck panels with I/O details, photos and current status
    • Relabel and maintain all legacy I/O panels
    • Supervise all patch bay cabling mitigating unnecessary cabling left behind from events.
    • Team up with tech services director on 5 year plan for infrastructure upgrades
    • Regulate long‐term I/O panel re‐termination project
    • Aid the director preparing annual CapEx requests
    • Align IT department needs with operations manager
    • Captain legacy infrastructure systems with vendors. (i.e., coax cable, pots lines etc.)
    • Develop and maintain venue technical specifications document outlining all infrastructure‐based services to make available to broadcast partners, other departments, and internal reference

Qualifications RequiredQualifications Required

  • Minimum, 5+ years technical experience and control room management experience required.
  • Experience with Grass Valley and Ross switchers, EVS and Ross Mira replay systems, expression, Dante audio ecosystem and additional control room systems.
  • Proficiency in on‐line team‐based project management ecosystems.
  • Must be willing to work event‐based hours that include nights, weekends, and holidays as necessary
  • Bachelor's Degree a plus

How To Apply

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