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Game Presentation Statistics Operator, Lakeland

Detroit Tigers

Posted 4 months ago



Lakeland, FL, USA

Job Type

Job Description

The Game Presentation Statistics Operator will be responsible for managing and presenting statistical information during games and events during sixteen (16) Detroit Tigers spring training games and sixty-six (66) Flying Tigers regular season games.  Collaboration with Game Presentation Producer to ensure accurate and timely delivery of information.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Input and update player statistics, scores, and other relevant game information in real-time.
  • Operate the electronic scoreboard or other display systems to showcase current game statistics to fans.
  • Collaborate with the broadcast team to provide statistical information for television or radio broadcasts.
  • Provide in-game statistical analysis to support coaches, players, and broadcasters.
  • Maintain and update player and team records, both during and after games.
  • Identify and communicate statistical trends and insights that may be relevant to the coaching staff, broadcasters, or fans.
  • Work with league statisticians to ensure accuracy and consistency in reporting statistics.
  • Compile and distribute post-game statistics to relevant parties, including media and team management.

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Qualifications Required

  • Strong understanding of baseball statistics, including common metrics used in player and team analysis.
  • Accurate and efficient data entry skills, especially in a fast-paced live event setting.
  • Familiarity with statistical software, scoreboard systems, and other technology used to manage and display game data.
  • Effective communication with the production team, broadcasters, and other stakeholders.
  • A high level of attention to detail to ensure accurate and reliable statistical information.
  • Ability to adapt to changes in game situations and work efficiently under pressure.
  • Work effectively within a team environment, especially with other members of the game presentation and event staff.

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