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Talent Development Coach

Boardworks Dive Club

Posted 5 months ago



Victoria, BC, Canada

Job Type

Job Description

Job Title: Talent Development Diving Coach (7-11 year olds)
Location: Saanich Commonwealth Place

Responsible to: Head Coach / Program Director & President of Boardworks

Person(s) responsible for: Casual Part time Diving and Gymnastic Coach(es) delivering specific diving and pre-diving gymnastic activities

Working Hours Per Week: Hours are to be worked on such days and times as directed by your manager, including, evenings and weekends as required to meet the needs of the service.

Special Conditions: Remuneration by Boardworks for attending events away from Commonwealth Place, including travel costs, accommodation when necessary, and per diem for overnight stays.

This job description is a guide to the work you will initially be required to undertake. This job description will be subject to periodic review and change, by mutual agreement between the post holder and Manager.

Job Summary

As a member of Boardworks Diving Team, working with the Head Diving Coach and a team of diving coaches, the post-holder is responsible for the support of the club diving program, with specific focus on talent recruitment 7-11 years, talent development, and a pre-diving gymnastics program for 5–8-year-olds.  From time to time, the coach will be required to cover groups of divers at various levels from recreational to international when coaches are absent. 

Your responsibilities are:

  • To assist the Head Diving Coach in identifying talented young children from school talent program, the club pre-dive gymnastic program, and the club recreational program.
  • To assist the Club Age Group Diving Coach in developing new groups and divers selected from talent testing with aims of selection to Diving Plongeon Canada’s HPAD (High Performance Athlete Development Program) 

In addition to the responsibilities listed below, all employees must be flexible in their approach to undertake such other duties, which are commensurate with the post holder’s salary grade, to achieve the objectives of the post. It is the responsibility of each employee to carry out their duties in line with the company’s policies on equality, harassment, and racial equality and to be sensitive and caring to the needs of the disadvantaged, promoting a positive approach to a harmonious working environment. Each employee should act as an exemplar on these issues and should also identify and monitor training for themselves and any employees they are responsible for in line with these policies and the equality standard. All employees must carry out responsibilities with due regard to the Sport Canada ‘Safe Sport’ guidelines. 

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Qualifications Required

Sport Canada NCCP qualifications –Competitive Development in either Diving or Gymnastics or equivalent international certification. Desirable – Degree level or higher in sport science, education, or sport development. Others with relevance considered.

Your duties are:

  1. To manage and lead on the talent identification, talent development and pre-dive gymnastic programs. This will require a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of athlete development and physical and technical preparation for diving and gymnastics.
  2. To work with the Head Coach / Program Director and Age Group Coach on the planning and execution of a Talent Identification process in schools every year.
  3. To assist the Head Coach / Program Director with the diving training program with responsibility for efficient group scheduling, content, and staffing where necessary.
  4. To provide coaching to divers in the diving training program at all levels where appropriate.
  5. To assist in establishing and monitoring training programs and develop training methods utilised when coaching the divers within the training programs.
  6. To liaise with the Head Coach / Program Director, CDI (Canadian Diving Institution Coach (if different), BC Diving, and Diving Plongeon Canada (DPC) to implement a world leading talent development program.
  7. To monitor the activities of all identified talent through weekly training, assessments, and events. The post holder will be responsible for setting optimal benchmarks for divers, communicating in a suitable manner, and either promoting or demoting divers to the most appropriate training group.
  8. To develop and maintain links to schools, school boards, and funding agencies such as 94 Forward, and to provide informative, useful reports to agencies as required.
  9. To assist the Head Coach and Board to ensure that communication (website, social media, press releases, club newsletters, etc) are regular, impactful, and promote the club in a positive
    way that ensures it is front and centre in activities for young children in the locality to aspire to.
  10. To assist with marketing and promotion of programmed activities to increase attendances at the centre.
  11. To achieve a high quality of customer service, monitoring standards of service delivery
    and making necessary post-evaluation changes.
  12. To assist the Head Coach / Program Director by providing a non-judgmental forum for complaints.
  13. To assist with the development and management of part-time coaches, ensuring appropriate staffing levels to deliver diving activities at the centre.
  14. To cover for absent colleagues delivering specific activities when required.
  15. To assist with the co-ordination and development of new initiatives and programs within
    the centre, including recruitment and retention of members.
  16. To assist in the preparation and completion of relevant documentation relating to
    program activities.
  17. To assist the Head Coach / Program Director in meeting specific set targets for programmed diving activities as defined by the Club Board.
  18. To attend meetings of internal/external groups/committees associated with the development of activities within the centre as directed.
  19. To maintain good working relationships and support development partnerships with internal and external staff.
  20. To support the Club Board, President, and Head Coach / Program Director by attending user groups, staff groups, centre, and area service meetings.
  21. To support reception by providing staff with training and information regarding any new initiatives introduced by the Aquatic Development Manager of Saanich Commonwealth Place  or the Head  Coach / Program Director of Boardworks.
  22. To ensure all equipment used by coaches is well maintained, clean, and stored safely.

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Inclusive Note

The employer is committed to creating an inclusive and diverse work environment and is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, ancestry, place of origin, colour, ethnic origin, citizenship, creed, sex, sexual orientation, age, marital status, family status or disability.

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