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Home Clubhouse Manager

El Paso Chihuahuas

Posted 2 months ago



El Paso, TX, USA

Job Type

Job Description

The Home Clubhouse Manager, is directly responsible for the maintenance, operation, and service of the home clubhouse while providing guidance to the visiting team Clubhouse Managers as needed.
  • Directly responsible for the standards of quality and cleanliness of the home team’s clubhouse and locker room.
  • Responds to a high volume of player's, coach's and affiliate requests.
  • Manages and upholds all clubhouse amenities and players’ needs using the PDL guidelines and standards.
  • Interacts with and engages with clubhouse attendants and assistants hired seasonally to support the clubhouse operations.
  • Travels with team, if requested for games and needs.
  • Works directly with the affiliate’s nutrition department to ensure all nutrition requirements for players are upheld.

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Qualifications Required

  • Handles the setup of the clubhouse before the beginning of baseball season.
  • Works in tandem with home team AT’s and strength coaches to schedule arrival times to the field.
  • Manages equipment needs and oversees the logistics of equipment for the team for road games.
  • Full service management of home clubhouse; including care and uptake of all items within.
  • Engages in organizing and preparing equipment for batting practice and each game, which includes but is not limited to: getting game balls to the umpire room, getting game bats ready, getting batting practice and game uniforms ready and hanging in each locker.
  • Handles all uniform cleaning logistics and requirements.

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