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Facilities Maintenance Assistant

Green Bay Packers

Apply by 7/30/2024

Posted 3 weeks ago



Green Bay, WI, USA

Job Type

Job Description

Primary job duties include assisting Facilities with maintenance, woodworking projects, and carpet scrubbing.  Other duties will be assigned based on the greatest need of any given day.

Typical schedule will average approximately 24 hours per week and may include some home game weekends.  Flexibility to work nights and weekends as needed; shift work may be required.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Assist facilities department with repairs of the facility and various projects.
  • Assist with woodworking projects.
  • Assist with beer line cleaning.
  • Operate equipment such as forklifts, scissors lifts, pressure washers, and power tools as needed.
  • Assist with preventative maintenance tasks.
  • Assist with snow removal.
  • Assist with game day preparations.
  • Work all home game and event days as needed.
  • Assist with various projects as directed by the electrical, HVAC, and plumbing staff as needed.
  • Assist with scrubbing concourses and carpet scrubbing.

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Qualifications Required

  • High School diploma required.
  • Schooling or job experience in many aspects of maintenance required.
  • Must possess or be willing to obtain forklift and aerial lift license.
  • Valid Wisconsin drivers’ license required.


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