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Athletics and Special Event Coordinator

University of Toronto

Apply by 7/31/2024

Posted 2 months ago



Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Job Type

Job Description

The incumbent engages a staff and student event team, coordinating, training and overseeing the team to ensure event-preparation, on-site supervision and post-event requirements are carried out at the highest possible standards, follow University of Toronto, FKPE, OUA and U SPORTS operating policies and playing regulations.

Your responsibilities will include:

  • Coordinating the schedule for program and event calendars
  • Analyzing client needs and making recommendations on event logistics and options
  • Determining logistical details and activities for both in-game and remote events
  • Liaising with others to coordinate event set-up, changes and schedules for both on-site and remote events
  • Coordinating visual venue set-up, including in-game and virtual lighting and AV requirements
  • Coordinating in-game and remote event elements and materials including collaborating on written materials and game outlines
  • Liaising with clients and vendors to resolve minorcomplaints and address issues
  • Conducting post-event evaluation, analysis and recommendations for changes
  • Overseeing, training and providing direction to casual and work study and volunteer staff
  • Collecting and submitting payroll documention in a timely manner
  • Coordinating the schedule for event staff to ensure coverage for areas of responsibility

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Qualifications Required

  • Bachelor’s Degree and certificate in event management or acceptable combination of equivalent experience.
  • Minimum three years related experience in sport event administration and sport event coordination, preferably in a University or College setting or with a semi-professional or professional sport environment
  • Minimum three years related experience overseeing and providing direction to a large staff of casuals, work study students and volunteers
  • Experience working in a leadership capacity
  • Proficient in in-game production elements includingsponsorship activations, scripting and establishing and executing a run of show
  • Experience working in a high paced, deadline driven environment
  • Familiarity with OUA and U Sports hosting protocols

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