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Sport Jobs in Northwest Territories, Canada

Jobs in SportNorthwest Territories

Although rare, browse and find sport jobs in the Northwest Territories, Canada below.

Companies In Northwest Territories

About Northwest Territories

Here you will find all sport jobs based in Northwest Territories, Canada.

About Northwest Territories

One of three territories in Northern Canada. It is also the second largest and most populous of the three. Along with that, Yellowknife is its capital. In addition, it is home to Great Bear Lake, the largest lake entirely in Canada.

Popular Sport Jobs In Northwest Territories

NWT are home to many winter sports. Additionally, they have Hockey North, the governing body of hockey in the territory. They also have some athletes that have competed for Canada in both the summer and winter Olympics:
  • Jessie Loutit
  • Jesse Cockney
  • Michael Gilday
  • Denise Ramsden
  • Brendan Green
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