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General Manager

Union Omaha

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General Manager

Union Omaha

  • Lead and direct a revenue-driven culture by the Union Omaha sales staff shared with the Omaha Storm Chasers Cultivate a “Sales First” culture in the Union Omah...

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About Nebraska

Here you will find all sport jobs based in Nebraska, US.

About Nebraska US

A state in USA. The capital of Nebraska is Lincoln. However its largest city is Omaha. The state has a population of 1,934,408. It is also another state with more than 1 time zone. It is often nicknamed the "Cornhusker State". Popular Sport Jobs In Nebraska In addition, Nebraska have plenty of popular sports. However, the most popular is college football. Horse racing and rodeos come closely after. They also annually host the College World Series. The state do not have any teams in the major leagues, but do have some in minor leagues. Team such as:
  • Omaha Beef
  • Bugeaters FC
  • Lincoln Saltdogs
  • Nebraska Stampede
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