Terms and Conditions –
Posting a Job on Sport Management Hub


1. These Terms and Conditions outline the process for individuals or organizations to post a career or opportunity on the Sport Management Hub website.

Posting a Career or Opportunity

2. Job postings on Sport Management Hub should be related to sports and fitness and fit well within at least one of the industry areas indicated.

3. Each job posting should be specific to one (1) job opportunity. Multiple positions cannot be solicited in a single posting.

4. If posting for another organization, it is your responsibility to get it right and failure to do so may result in post removal and/or membership removal.

Removal and Modification

5. Sport Management Hub reserves the right to accept, refuse, or remove any career or opportunity listing.

6. Sport Management Hub reserves the right to update, modify, and change available resources at its discretion.

Liability and Accuracy

7. While Sport Management Hub distributes the job postings, it is not responsible for the content, accuracy, or quality of each posting or the posting organization. The posting organization is solely responsible for the content.


8. Sport Management Hub understands the importance of building strong teams at all levels of sport, from national organizations to local clubs. If pricing is a challenge, please feel free to contact Sport Management Hub.

9. For any inquiries or assistance with posting, please contact us via email at [email protected].

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