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June 01, 2023








Our job board experience will offer you the ability to…

Customize Your Experience

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Attract Sport-focused candidates

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Measure Recruitment success

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Create, Choose & Customize

Supreme User Friendliness

Through consultation with candidates and employers, we have created a process that has been rigorously tested to ensure a positive and productive experience.


Visualize Listing

Finally, a place where you can reliably and visually recruit working in sport talent.

  • Create. Allows for splash image
    , logo in post, remote vs. not remote.
  • Choose: It's your choice. You can either use our application process or the traditional method of having candidates submit their resume and cover letter and/or filling out your own application form.


UX Designed Job Dashboard

Search, find and apply for jobs directly on your mobile device or desktop. Manage all of the jobs you have applied to from a secure dashboard.

  • Easily repost, extend posts, etc.
  • Mobile and tablet friendly
  • Sort, search and organize your listings


Company Page

Create or claim your company page to unlock employer-only features and add or change your company’s information such as:

  • Visual aids including logo and splash image.
  • A description of the business.
  • An overview of the typical employee experience and the number of approximate staff.

Attract, Recruit & Vet

Relevant Candidates Only

With clearly set goals, you can compose a more relevant job description and highlight the most valued competencies. A never-ending list of requirements does not imply that your company has high-quality standards. Rather, it says your company has unrealistic expectations, which is effective enough to banish any potential candidate.

Serious Candidates Only

To ensure your company only receives applications from serious candidates, applicants must complete the following guidelines.

  • Crafted a working in sport objective;
  • Shared their social media platforms;
  • Outlined education and work experience;
  • Highlighted volunteer experience;
  • Articulated certifications, languages and skills.

Sport Focused Candidates

Although candidates have diverse education and experience, they share a common goal – to work in sport. Candidates came to the SPort MAnagement (SPMA) Hub in search of a sport-specific job. Applicants will articulate their intention to work in sport and will be encouraged to focus on doing so again when they apply using their cover message.

Easy to digest and short application messages. For more information on cover messages, click here.

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Track & Test

Measure Your success

While much of our traffic comes from our network, your listings will be indexed by top search engines like Google and Bing.

View Job Listing Analytics

When viewing and editing your own listings when signed in, you are greeted by what sportspeople love – analytics. You’ll be able to see the number of views on each listing and in your jobs dashboard.

  • For listings choosing to use our application system, you’ll see the number of applicants.
  • For listings using email and/or an external application, you will see the number of clicks too.
  • On your dashboard, let us calculate the number of views on your company page and total for job views.

Reduce Hiring Costs

After your free trial expires, continue to enjoy the benefits of posting on SPMA with our highly competitive subscription plans and pay as you post packages. The cost of hiring should be minimal, especially for any business operating in the sport industry.

Try First

Try before you buy is exactly what it sounds like. We want you to enjoy 30 days free with unlimited access to all employer features.

See for yourself

Enjoy 30 days of unlimited job listings on the most user-friendly and sport-industry specific job board ever created. Creating a job listing is simple, easy, and we take care of all the guesswork involved.

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Our Guarantee

Your ability to easily post jobs, find suitable job seekers and share info about your company is our number one priority. So we guarantee to provide you with the full employer experience prior to committing anything else. Enjoy your free trial. Also, we guarantee to continually work to add features, provide fast support and brush up on fine details. With SPMA Jobs, we guarantee to be the best way for your sport company to find, recruit and hire sport candidates in the USA!

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