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Security Officer

Miami Marlins

Apply by 4/30/2024

Posted 1 month ago



Miami, FL, USA

Job Type

Job Description

The Miami Marlins are committed to the growth and development of our employees. Our Security Officers will have opportunities to gain assistance with obtaining a Class D Security Guard License to assist with their career path in safety & law enforcement.  Schedules are set in advance and feedback will be provided regularly.
Essential Functions: 
  • Patrols the Ballpark facility as directed to prevent or minimize property loss, property damage, personal injury, or situations having a negative impact on the organization.
  • Monitors and authorizes entrance through issuance of visitor’s badge or check of credentials of employees, guests and others to ensure the safety and security of the facility.
  • Unlocks and secures doors before and after events as directed.
  • Moves barricades to secure/open specific areas in and around the ballpark as needed.
  • Operates security vehicles including golf carts and T-3s for patrol and response to calls/incidents.
  • Conducts proper investigations and inquiries into all incidents, accidents, security issues, and situations impacting the facility, employees, partners and guests to include but not limited to damages, losses, safety matters, or injury.  Provides detailed reports to the Director of Security.
  • Ensures an understanding and compliance with all guidance, instruction, policies and procedures of the organization and the proper execution of assigned duties.
  • Completes on going, in-service training for all security personnel, maintaining all certifications and required training as specified.
  • Ensures all shift related issues, observations, and critical information is documented, verified, and accurately reported to the appropriate decision maker in a timely fashion.

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Qualifications Required

  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Must show good judgment and common sense
  • Follows directions and directives from supervisors
  • Follows the organization’s policy and guidelines.
  • Professional appearance, positive attitude
  • Ability to function well during a critical or emergency incident.
  • Able to work weekends and holidays
  • Fluently bilingual English / Spanish preferred
  • Excess walking of up to four (4) hours per day

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