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Board of Directors

Equestrian Canada

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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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Our Vision: Fostering a love of horses and sport, for life. 

Our Mission: Uniting the Canadian equestrian community in the pursuit of excellence while inspiring and serving people and their horses. 

Our Core Values: Responsibility, Community, Quality, and Proud

For more information about Equestrian Canada governance and operations, please visit 


In 2024, there are three (3) vacancies and there will be three (3) Directors elected.

Per Bylaw 4.1 and 4.2 Directors to be Elected

Subject to any increase or decrease by the Board within the minimum and maximum as set out in the Articles, the number of Directors to be elected at an annual meeting shall be the number of Directors whose terms expire in the same year as the election. Three (3) positions will be for a three (3) year term ending in 2027. 

Term Limits: Per Bylaw Article 4.9

Current Directors can be eligible for re-election, but no Director may serve for more than three (3) consecutive three-year terms. Fulfilling an incomplete term is not considered part of the term limit. Directors shall serve staggered terms to balance continuity with new perspective.


You should be prepared to devote approximately 20 hours monthly to the Board, including monthly tele/video conference meetings, potentially one face-to-face board meeting, committee work and other duties. If elected, attendance at the board meetings must set as a personal priority and engaged participation in committee work is critical for the success of EC. Please review the , EC BylawsOpens in a new windowEC Governance ManualOpens in a new windowEC Code of Conduct & EthicsOpens in a new window, and the Canada Not For Profit ActOpens in a new window to become familiar with both the EC governance and operations when applying.

Competency of Nominees

All nominations shall be reviewed by the Nominating Committee. The Nominating Committee shall provide the Category Members with a list of candidate Directors, taking into consideration the required skills and diverse needs of Equestrian Canada, the community it serves and a balance of new and experienced Directors. Some of the skills desirable, but not limited to, include competency in digital communication, technology, fund raising, marketing, sport development, coaching, competition, risk management, governance, and finance. The Nominating Committee shall adhere to Board approved policies respecting the requirements to ensure appropriate diversity, independence, and the need for athlete representation on the Board.

The list of candidate Directors shall exceed the number of vacant positions by at least one and at most three (3) persons. No candidate may be eligible for election as a director unless such candidate has been reviewed by the Nominating Committee and included on this list of candidates to the Category Voting Members. The Nominating Committee reserves the right to follow up and verify the accuracy of all information in the application.

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Qualifications Required

Eligibility: Per Bylaw Article 4.5

Eligibility  Subject to the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act and the EC By-laws, any Person who

  1. has the power under law to contract,
  2. is eligible to serve as a director of a registered charity,
  3. is not an employee of Equestrian Canada or a Recognized Affiliate Organization, and
  4. is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada, and
  5. may be elected or appointed as a Director provided that: A) Directors shall not be a committee member on any EC Operational Committee; and B) Directors may not be Category Voting Members save and except that a Director whose term is ending and is not standing for re- election may be a Category Voting Member at the Meeting of Voting Members where such Director’s term is ending, and C) Any Operational Committee member or Category Voting Member elected as a Director shall resign as a Category Voting Member or Operational Committee member within ten (10) days following the later of (i) date of election; and (ii) the provision of such Person’s consent to be a Director in accordance with the Act.

Nominations: Per Bylaw Article 4.6.

Nominations –Nomination of an individual for election as a Director shall be submitted to the Nominating Committee in accordance with Equestrian Canada’s nomination policies, procedures and timelines, and shall include a written confirmation by the candidate expressing a willingness to stand for office and a detailed profile of the nominee. Please note that Director Application Packages will remain confidential and will be destroyed after the election results are confirmed.

Candidate Application Package

Candidate Application Packages must include the following items to be considered by the Nominating Committee:

  1. Letter of Interest
    (maximum one page – 500 words) including why you would like to serve on the EC Board along with the skills and value you feel you would bring to the Board and organization;
  1. CV (maximum five (5) pages) must include contact information, education, work experience, volunteer/community service experience, language, technical and soft skills; CVs will be publicly circulated to the Nominating Committee and, if selected as a successful candidate during the election process, it will be presented to the Category Voting Members at the voting stage; therefore, please consider personal/confidential information within your CV before submitting with your Candidate Application Package;
  1. Complete Skill Matrix – upon submission of your Director Application Package (Letter of Interest, CV, Nomination & Acceptance Form) you will receive a skills matrix via email. The skills matrix lists many of the skills that are assets when serving as a director. You will be required to evaluate yourself using the skills matrix and return the completed matrix to [email protected] within the time period stipulated in the email;
  1. Completed and Signed Director Nomination and Acceptance Form;
  1. Social Media Profiles (optional)

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Inclusive Note

The employer is committed to creating an inclusive and diverse work environment and is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, ancestry, place of origin, colour, ethnic origin, citizenship, creed, sex, sexual orientation, age, marital status, family status or disability.

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