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Mascot Assistant - River Cats

Sacramento River Cats Baseball

Apply by 5/31/2024

Posted 4 weeks ago



Sacramento, CA, USA

Job Type

Job Description

  • Learn the character of Dinger to support Dinger’s appearance schedule at home games and community events
  • Assist full-time mascot at designated number of home games
  • Perform at a designated number of community appearances including birthday parties, parades, school visits, hospital visits, charitable events and other events coordinated by the Sacramento River Cats
  • Provide creative assistance to Mascot Coordinator in the areas of presentation, skits, and appearances.
  • Distribute promotional giveaways at events, game days and other activations.
  • Assist in maintaining the condition of costumes
  • Assist in fulfilling donation requests and other community relations related tasks
  • Other duties as assigned by Mascot Coordinator

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Qualifications Required

  • Must have experience performing, preferably experience as a mascot
  • Must have ability to be trained, coached and critiqued to perform “in character”
  • Be creative and understand non-verbal acting and communication
  • Possess working knowledge of the game of baseball
  • Must be available to work flexible hours including most home games, nights, and weekends.
  • Must have reliable transportation as well as a valid driver’s license.
  • Excellent skills in interacting with others.
  • Must be a great dancer.

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