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Public Address Announcer, Lakeland

Detroit Tigers

Apply by 5/31/2024

Posted 4 weeks ago



Lakeland, FL, USA

Job Type

Job Description

The Public Address Announcer will be responsible for providing live, in-game announcements and commentary to enhance the fan experience during sixty-six (66) Flying Tigers regular season games.  Collaboration with Game Presentation Producer to ensure effective and accurate fan engagement.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Make live announcements before, during, and after games, including player introductions, in-game promotions, and important announcements.
  • Introduce players as they come to bat or take the field, providing a dynamic and engaging atmosphere for fans.
  • Share important information with the audience, such as game updates, player statistics, and upcoming events.
  • Interact with the crowd to build excitement, encourage fan participation, and create a positive and energetic atmosphere.
  • Work with the game presentation team to prepare scripts for each game, ensuring accurate and timely announcements.
  • Collaborate with the game presentation director, producers, and other staff to synchronize announcements with other in-game elements.
  • Be prepared to make emergency announcements or convey important information in critical situations.
  • Maintain a professional and polished on-air presence, representing the team and organization in a positive manner.

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Qualifications Required

  • A good understanding of baseball rules, terminology, and the specific dynamics of the Detroit Tigers and Lakeland Flying Tigers.
  • Adaptability to respond to changes in the game or unforeseen circumstances during live events.
  • Effective communication with the production team, players, and other stakeholders.
  • A strong understanding of how the public address announcements contribute to the overall fan experience.

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