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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Job Type

Job Description

The Treasurer shall be responsible for overseeing AthletesCAN’s financial operations, including risk management, cash management, financial planning and reporting. Specifically, the Treasurer will be responsible for:

  • Monitoring financial records, including books of account, as are necessary to comply with the Not-for-Profit Act;
  • Custody and control of the assets of the Corporation, including implementation of instructions of the Board as to investment of assets of the Corporation and the Corporation’s banking transactions; and
  • Rendering of financial statements to the Directors, members and others when required.

Specific Responsibilities

  • Liaising with AthletesCAN staff regarding financial operations
  • Approving financial policies and procedures
  • Advising on the creation of operating budget
  • Quarterly reviews of the budget
  • Oversight of the accounting system, accounting procedures, financial reports, payroll systems & processes (including employee benefits, time off, etc), invoice processing, and general banking
  • Taxation compliance (establish CRA numbers for GST and Payroll)
  • Reviewing all funding agreements and ensuring all financial reporting is complete as required
  • Approving of systems to invoice, record, track and assign sponsorship, partnership, and VIK agreements
  • Oversight of insurance policies
  • Manage the relationship with AthletesCAN’s financial institutions Qualifications and Commitment

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Qualifications Required

  • Proven experience in Finance, Accounting, Business, Human Resources, or similar
  • The ability to dedicate up to 10 hours a month to this portfolio
  • Great attention to detail
  • Experience creating/revising financial policies and procedures (e.g., expense claim procedure)
  • An understanding of the Canadian Sport System, Sport Canada, Federal Funding Agreements (e.g., Sport Funding and Accountability Framework), grants, banking, the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act, income tax reporting, working with an auditor, Human Resource Management and Employment Standards Acts is an asset
  • Bilingual (French/English) is an asset

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