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Brand Management - Event Presentation Coordinator

Dallas Cowboys Pro Shop

Apply by 7/31/2024

Posted 2 weeks ago



Frisco, TX, USA

Job Type

Job Description

  • Assist in the production of all events held at Ford Center
  • Coordinate with the Public Address Announcer to make sure all PA’s and necessary info is acquired
  • Assist DJ with scripted music layout
  • Manage and load all content for Ford Center events
  • Coordinate logistics for National Anthems, Color Guard, and other entertainment
  • Oversee LED coordination with Corporate Partnerships team
  • Traffic all Event Presentation elements with Corporate Partnerships team
  • Coordinate any necessary auxiliary events at Ford Center
    • Produce/Direct auxiliary events as needed
  • Assist with content creation for Ford Center and Dallas Cowboys home games when necessary
  • Assist with crewing and coordination of independent contractors for events.
  • Other duties as deemed necessary or as directed by the Manager of Event Presentation, Ford Center

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Qualifications Required

  • Strong creative skills and knowledge of sports entertainment in a production environment
  • Ability to work well under pressure and on multiple projects simultaneously
  • Ability to collaborate and work well with others
  • Demonstrated excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Excellent trouble-shooting abilities
  • Must be self-motivated and possess a passion for maximizing production value for all Ford Center events
  • Must be able to edit video content utilizing the Adobe Creative Suite
  • Must be able to work flexible hours (including weekends and holidays) and on tight deadlines

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