Public Profile Policy

How does SPMA Inc. handle my resume information?

Your information, including Personal Data, gets placed on SPMA Inc. when you upload, create or edit a resume, which becomes part of your SPMA Inc. profile. SPMA Inc. reserves the right to charge third parties a fee for accessing your information, including Personal Data, as part of SPMA Inc.’s services. At your discretion, SPMA Inc. may also send your resume to third parties if you choose to apply for a job listing. The extent to which your information is made available to third parties depends on the privacy settings you choose on SPMA Inc.

What’s the difference between a resume and a profile on SPMA Inc.?

Profile refers to all data a user provides to SPMA Inc. about themselves. This includes the user’s resume content but is not limited to it. Profile-specific information may include a user’s job search preferences, for example, a desired future job title or a city you are willing to relocate to.

Resume information is information contained within a typical resume when used to apply to a job. It includes things like work description, education level, skills, licences/certifications and more. Resume information is also what is presented to employers at the time of applying to a job or in Resume Search.

You can view and update the information in your profile and your resume by selecting the appropriate tab.

What’s the difference between a public and private resume on SPMA Inc.?

Private resumes are only made available to those employers you start an application with or explicitly share your resume with via some other mechanism, for example, downloading and sending as an email attachment. Where this occurs, you make your resume, your name and other Personal Data that you place on your resume available to third parties, which could be shared with other third parties.

Public resumes are available to anyone with access to SPMA Inc.’s resume search application and may be accessed by other SPMA Inc. users, in order to increase the visibility of that resume and help SPMA Inc. find you a job. Where this occurs, you make your resume, your name and other Personal Data that you place on your resume available to third parties. Those third parties may be interested in you as an employee, and may forward your resume to other third parties.

How do I change my privacy settings?

You can change your privacy settings whenever you visit your resume page on SPMA Inc. at Setting your resume to private means your resume will no longer be searchable by employers in our resume search application. However, employers who have saved your resume while it was public may continue to have access to your resume even after you have adjusted it to private.

Does SPMA Inc. allow Google or other search engines to crawl resumes?

Although SPMA Inc. expressly prohibits the scraping of its Site, any resume you post publicly is public information and the content may be crawled and copied by a third party outside of SPMA Inc.’s control in violation of our Privacy Policy, and displayed through search engines when someone searches for your name. This means that third parties can view the Personal Data contained in your resume and you may receive unsolicited contact from parties unaffiliated with SPMA Inc. and for whom SPMA Inc. has no responsibility.

Even when you adjust your resume from public to private, SPMA Inc. does not warrant or control how often third-party search engines/crawlers retain their data, which means your personal information may continue to exist outside of SPMA Inc. for a period of time.

Does SPMA Inc. always display all of my resume information, for example, my contact details?

For public resumes, you authorize SPMA Inc. to remove your name and contact details from your public resume in certain instances, for example, whenever your resume is shown to employers in Resume Search. SPMA Inc. may also change the display of your resume from public to private in certain instances to maintain the quality of the resume database.

How else does SPMA Inc. use my resume information?

If you have a public resume, SPMA Inc. may use information from your resume to auto-fill all or parts of a form or application. For example, if you use SPMA Chat, your name from your resume may appear in the messages.

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