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Grounds Mech – Equipment Services Technician

Augusta National Golf Club

Application Deadline Ended
Apply by Ended 11/13/2022

Grounds Mech - Equipment Services Technician | Augusta National Golf Club

Grounds Mech – Equipment Services Technician

Augusta National Golf Club

Apply by Ended 11/13/2022

Posted 2 months ago

No Longer Accepting Applications



Augusta, GA, USA

Job Type

 Job Description

  • Maintains equipment in safe, ready-for-issue, variable configurations as required by the Grounds Department schedule.
  • Conducts daily safety inspection of the Grounds Maintenance Facility and initiates corrective action of any unsafe conditions noted, including reporting conditions to the Grounds Mechanical Supervisor and/or Safety Manager as required.
  • Adheres to environmental regulations and standards in appropriate disposal of hazardous waste materials.
  • Inspects, troubleshoots, adjusts, and repairs mechanical failure/defects in equipment systems including: transmissions, differentials, carburetors, distributors, fuel pumps, steering systems, sprayer/spreader systems, starters, generators, universal joints, hydraulic systems, pressure pump/valves, brakes, cooling systems and air systems.
  • Performs grinding and sharpening of mower parts as required.
  • Designs, fabricates, modifies, and welds custom auxiliary support gear for grounds equipment to facilitate the golf club’s requirements. Installs batteries, tires, wiring, and miscellaneous parts on equipment.
  • Accurately documents repair and maintenance accomplished on equipment.
  • Purchases and controls parts, supplies, and materials in an efficient and economical manner within department budget limitations.
  • Routinely inspects quality of cut to ensure desired after-cut appearance. Instructs operators in the safe, efficient operation and care of equipment.
  • Assists in repair of equipment not assigned to Grounds Maintenance as needed.
  • Prioritize equipment as to importance of repairs needed.

Other Duties and Responsibilities

  • Uses oral and written communication skills to report issues with servicing, maintenance, or repair of equipment to Grounds Mechanical Supervisor
  • Proposes potential improvements in equipment service program or process to the Grounds Mechanical Supervisor and/or DGC.
  • Understands and interprets technical service manual, procedures, drawings, prints, and wiring diagrams to correctly maintain and operate equipment
  • Routinely updates knowledge of technological advances within the grounds equipment industry
  • Performs additional duties outside of normal scope of grounds equipment maintenance as directed by management to be integral to the job
  • Prioritize equipment as to importance of repairs needed

Qualifications RequiredQualifications Required

  • Strong knowledge of operation of internal combustion engines and mower grinding, sharpening and adjustments
  • Proper operation of standard hand and power tools
  • Latest trends in grounds equipment industry technology
  • Excellent working knowledge of applicable state and federal regulations pertaining to equipment, petroleum and all other products used at the maintenance facility
  • Diagnosis and correction of discrepancies in machinery
  • Accurate record keeping of maintenance and supplies
  • Profound knowledge of basic computer skill to add information to computerized vehicle maintenance programs
  • Proficient in interpreting repair manuals, instruction sheets, hydraulic and electrical schematics
  • Torching/Welding repairs to equipment
  • Successful in repetitive, detail-oriented work tasks
  • Effective oral and written communication skills with team members and management
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