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Sport Jobs in Richmond, British Columbia Canada

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About Richmond

Here you will find all sport jobs based in Richmond, BC Canada

About Richmond (BC), Canada

A city in BC, Canada. Richmond is found on Lulu Island by the mouth of the Fraser River. Their total population is around 198,300. That makes it one of the highest proportions of immigrants in the country. They also have an immigration population of 60%. The city hosted long track speed skating during the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Popular Sport Jobs In Richmond (BC)

In addition, Richmond is known for outdoor sport activities like hiking and cycling. This is because they have many trails. Richmond also have athletes that are were either born or raised in the city. Some of these athletes are:
  • Olympic Snowboarder Alexa Loo
  • Retired CFL player Angus Reid
  • NHL Player Brent Seabrook
  • Olympic Swimmer Brian Johns
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