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Assistant Athletic Trainer

Portland Timbers

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Assistant Athletic Trainer

Portland Timbers

  • The Assistant Athletic Trainer will be responsible for the health and well-being of all of the (Thorns) players. The Assistant Athletic Trainer will work with the Head At...

2 weeks ago

Front Office Internship

Hillsboro Hops

  • The Hillsboro Hops are an affiliate of the Arizona Diamondbacks. Located in Hillsboro, Oregon, approximately 15 miles west of Portland, the Hops play at Ron Tonkin Field....

4 weeks ago

About Oregon

Here you will find all sport jobs based in Oregon, US.

About Oregon US

A state in USA. Oregon's capital is Salem. However, its largest city is Portland. The state's population is 4,217,737. It is also the ninth largest in the country. It has the nickname "The Beaver State". Popular Sport Jobs In Oregon In addition, baseball is a popular sport in Oregon. They have a few minor league teams, but none in MLB. They also have 3 pro teams. Teams in major and minor leagues include:
  • Portland Timbers
  • Portland Trailblazers
  • Hilsboro Hops
  • Portland Thorns
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